Watch CWPPRA’s New Video Today!

The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) Task Force is pleased to announce that they have produced a new video titled “Join CWPPRA- Make a Difference; Educate!” The short film highlights CWPPRA, the importance of wetland restoration education, and the new Urban Waters federal program. Children from the St. Benedict the Moor School in New Orleans, John Tubbs with the Department of Interior, Bill Honker from the Environmental Protection Agency, and Dinah Maygarden from the University of New Orleans join together to inspire people to learn more about Louisiana’s coastal ecosystems. During the film, fourth grade children remind the public to “do something good for the environment” and to become engaged by “plant(ing) plants in the marsh and help(ing) our community.” As evidenced by this film, the CWPPRA program believes that education is a fundamental part of environmental change. 

Take a few minutes to watch and listen to these children and experts teach you about the dire need for continued coastal habitat restoration and the connection to urban estuaries. Watch the film on the CWPPRA website at or on YouTube at Please share the link to the video with friends and colleagues! 

Special thanks to our video production team at WYES TV in New Orleans, LA and the students at St. Benedict the Moor School. 

For additional information contact CWPPRA Public Outreach Coordinator, Susan Testroet-Bergeron, at or 337-266-8626.



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