Ocean Commotion 2015

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CWPPRA introduces “Sid the Restoration Squid”

The CWPPRA public outreach staff attended the LSU-LA Sea Grant event, Ocean Commotion, on October 27th, 2015 at the LSU Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Ocean Commotion is an interactive, educational experience in which approximately 2,200 local K-8 students, teachers, and chaperons are able to learn the significance of the coastal regions, as well as the ocean in which Louisiana so heavily relies upon.  This event creates a connection between students and the coast by providing the opportunity to become “hands-on” with activities that generate relativity, interests, and curiosity in Louisiana’s passive shoreline environments.  In order for future generations to effectively protect our oceans, coastlines, and wetlands, learning about the importance and benefits of each is essential to continued health and survival.

CWPPRA was among the 71 exhibitors present and eager to provide a positive and impactful learning experience.  To accurately portray the importance of aquatic, coastal regions, the CWPPRA staff utilized an ocean character, Sid the Restoration Squid, whose six unique legs represented a different restoration method.  The six restoration methods presented include barrier island restorations, marsh creations, shoreline protection, hydrologic restoration, freshwater and sediment diversions, and terracing.  Each leg consisted of a distinct craft material that would correspond with a restoration method, in which students would assemble and personalize their own squid.  Each student’s personal squid was accompanied by an explanation guide of CWPPRA’s efforts to restore, protect, and/or create Louisiana’s wetlands.


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