Louisiana Smart Growth Summit 2015

Program Book
CWPPRA learns about a more liveable Louisiana

The Center for Planning Excellence, also known as CPEX, is a non-profit organization with a centrally focused mission of creating a more livable Louisiana by innovation of planning, policies, and community evolution.  CPEX’s primary efforts include coordinating and creating highly functional communities which incorporate the local cultural personality of urban, rural, and regional areas.  CPEX, founded in 2006, has participated in more than 20 Louisiana cities, towns, and parish planning efforts; while having leveraged over $5.5 million from communities statewide.  The Center for Planning Excellence hosted its 10th Louisiana Smart Growth Summit at the Shaw Center for the Arts on November 3rd and 4th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The CWPPRA public outreach staff had the opportunity to further learn about planning, leadership, and development trends pertaining to issues regarding Louisiana’s future.  Anthony Foxx, Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation and 2015 keynote speaker, delivered highly insightful theories on the most beneficial methods of travel for both humans, as well as the surrounding environment.  In addition to Anthony Foxx, CPEX also hosted more than 50 other speakers and panelists including headline speakers such as Chris Leinberger, President of Locus; Peter Calthorpe, Principal of Calthorpe Associates;  Rons Sims, former Deputy Secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Chuck Marohn, President of Strong Towns; and John Fregonese, President of Fregonese Associates, Inc.  While the utilization of technology toward smart development is significant, manipulating a community and its natural environment to reach the maximum potential of convenience, health, and safety is the ultimate goal.

CWPPRA strives to continue fulfilling projects which offer the most beneficial results to Louisiana, while logically assessing methods of least environment disturbance.



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