Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle I


The Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle I project is intended to strategically create marsh in large, open water areas to block wind-induced saltwater introduction and freshwater loss. In addition, CS-28-1 will increase nourishment in adjacent marshes while reducing open water fetch (distance a wave can travel) and the erosion of marsh fringe.

Cycle I constructed 214 acres of marsh within the shallow, open water area within retention dikes.  The perimeter of the created marsh was planted with smooth cordgrass.  Dredged slurry obtained from the Army Corps of Engineers’ dredging of the Calcasieu River Ship Channel was placed in the containment area.

Upon consolidation of the dredged material, the southern containment dike was degraded and breached to allow for water movement, and to restore the area to more natural conditions.  Prior to the placement of the dredged material, trenasses (small, man-made bayous) were constructed in the project area.  These trenasses facilitate natural conditions and allow estuarine organisms to access the created marsh.  This project is part of five cycles over a 10-year period, with each cycle requiring individual construction approval.


The Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Project is located in the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, west of LA Highway 27, in large, open water areas north and northwest of Brown’s Lake in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Priority Project List 8 funded $5.9 million to complete construction of a permanent pipeline and one cycle of marsh creation.  Engineering analyses at the time indicated that the construction of a temporary pipeline would be more cost effective.  Therefore, a temporary pipeline was utilized for Cycle I.  However, further analysis determined that a permanent pipeline would be advantageous.  In 2004, additional funds for engineering and design, and construction were approved for Cycles II and III.  Funds for Cycle II include the construction of a permanent dredged material pipeline.

Construction of the Cycle I site was completed on February 26, 2002.

This project is on Priority Project List 8.

The Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle I’s three sponsors include:

  • Federal Sponsor: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Federal Sponsor: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Local Sponsor:     Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

View more data on the CS-28-1 project or other projects on CWPPRA’s website.

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