Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle III

project banner CS-28-3-01

The Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle III project area is experiencing marsh degradation due to saltwater intrusion and freshwater loss.  This has resulted in the conversion of vegetated intermediate marsh to large shallow open water areas. Salinity migrates into the region from the Calcasieu River.  Southeast winds push saline waters into the project area through canals and bayous.  Wind driven waves cause further loss of the remaining marsh fringe.

Cycle III consists of the creation of 232 acres of marsh platform using material dredged from Calcasieu River Ship Channel.  Between February 12 and March 31, 2007, 828,767 cubic yards of dredged sediment material was placed into the Sabine Refuge Cycle III marsh creation area.  The dredged material is contained by earthen dikes.  Lower level earthen overflow weirs were constructed to assist in the dewatering of the marsh creation disposal area and to create fringe marsh with the overflow.  The dredged slurry has been placed between elevations 2.03 NAVD to 2.71 NAVD 88.

map picture

This project is located in the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, west of LA Highway 27, in large, open water areas west of Brown’s Lake in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

The Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Project was originally approved as part of the Project Priority List 8 in 1999.  The project was later broken into 5 cycles. In 2004, additional funds for engineering and design and construction were approved for Cycle III.  The placement of the dredged material has been completed.  Degradation of the retention dikes is ongoing and expected to be completed soon.

This project is on Priority Project List 8.

The Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle III’s sponsors include:

View more data on the CS-28 project Cycle I, Cycle II, and Cycle III or other projects on CWPPRA’s website.

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