Coastal Day at the Legislature

On Monday, April 4th, The Coast Builders Coalition and the Louisiana Legislature held an annual one-day event dedicated to highlighting the efforts to restore, protect, and enhance Louisiana’s coast. The event entitled “Coastal Day at the Legislature” involved educating representatives and legislators from across the state on our depleting coast, land loss rates, and potential methods of restoration.

The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act’s Public Outreach staff participated by displaying a number of publications on the House side of the Rotunda in Louisiana’s Capitol. In addition to distributing publications and answering questions, the outreach staff had the honor of being present during a meeting in which Governor Edwards issued an executive order directing all state agencies to operate in a manner consistent with the Coastal Master Plan.

Governor Edwards

Governor Edwards stated, “the Louisiana coast is vital to our heritage and our economy, which is why doing everything within our power to ensure that it is restored and protected must be a priority. The Coastal Master Plan provides safe and sustainable ways in which all departments can operate, thereby helping to ensure that the coast continues to be productive.” In addition to the governor, speakers including Representative Tanner Magee, Representative Robert Billiot, Representative Jerome Zeringue, Representative Stuart Bishop, Senator Norby Chabert, Steve Cochran with Restore the Mississippi River Delta, Sidney Coffee with America’s Wetland Foundation, and Scott Kirkpatrick with Coast Builders Coalition discussed issues pertaining to Louisiana’s coast. Johnny Bradberry, Governor Edwards’ executive assistant for coastal activities, announced that Louisiana will receive a minimum of $6.8 billion for claims related to natural resource damages, economic claims, and penalties against the Clean Water Act and Oil Pollution Act from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

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