Earth Day 2016

On Sunday, April 17th, downtown Baton Rouge was filled with free exhibitors, music, arts, and food to celebrate and educate the community on Earth’s natural resources. LA Earth Day LogoSituated between the Old State Capitol and the Old Governor’s Mansion, this annual event is managed by Louisiana Earth Day, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental education.


The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act was among several exhibitors in the Wetlands Tent sponsored by CH2M.  CWPPRA’s exhibit included multiple free publications, a CWPPRA project fact book, and a Wetland Jeopardy game. The CWPPRA Public Outreach staff discussed the relevance of wetlands and coastal ecosystems through the explanation of current projects, as well as explaining how wetlands are a major contributor the health of our Earth.


On April 22nd, the CWPPRA Public Outreach staff celebrated Earth Day at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Fete de la Terre festival. The outreach staff handed out publications, activity books, wetland hero coloring sheets, and coastal themed temporary tattoos.  Students and faculty were able to discuss current coastal projects and methods of restoration with the outreach staff.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1)


Learn more about CWPPRA’s future outreach events on the Louisiana Unified Coastal Community Calendar.


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