West Fourchon Marsh Creation & Nourishment


The primary causes of land loss in the project area are oil and gas canals, subsidence, and sediment deprivation, which have resulted in an estimated rate of -0.41% per year based on hyper-temporal analysis conducted by USGS for the extended project boundary for the years 1984 to 2012. Bounded by Bayou Lafourche to the east and Timbalier Bay to the west the project area is also subject to shoreline erosion.

This project would create 302 acres of saline intertidal marsh and nourish 312 acres of emergent marsh using material dredged from the Gulf of Mexico, southwest of the project area. Earthen containment dikes will be constructed along the project boundary to contain the material. Vegetative plantings are planned at a 50% density, with half planned at TY 1 and half planned at TY 3 if necessary. Containment dikes will be dredged or gapped by TY 3 to allow access for estuarine organisms. Funding will be set aside for the creation of tidal creeks if needed. This project, along with TE-23 West Belle Pass Headland Restoration and TE-52 West Belle Pass Barrier Headland Restoration, will help stabilize the edge of the marshes and protect Port Fourchon from the west. The initial construction elevation is +2.4 feet NAVD 88; after settlement, marsh is expected to be +1.4 NAVD 88.


The project is located in Region 3, Terrebonne Basin, in Lafourche Parish.

The West Fourchon Marsh Creation & Nourishment project was approved for Phase I Engineering and Design in January 2015.

This project is on Priority Project List (PPL) 24.

The West Fourchon Marsh Creation & Nourishment project sponsors include:

Keep up with the progress on TE-134 and other PPL 24 projects.




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