North Catfish Lake Marsh Creation


Isolated from the riverine influences of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers, Eastern Terrebonne Basin has experienced some of the highest rates of land loss in Louisiana. The northern shoreline of the Catfish Lake has experienced an average erosion rate of approximately 9.8 ft per year with some areas losing as much as 40 ft per year. Interior marsh loss along the lake rim has also formed a large pond on the east side of the lake shoreline that has breached and threatens to greatly accelerate wetland loss in the area.

The goal of the project is to create marsh habitat and reestablish the northern shoreline of Catfish Lake. Sediment dredged from Catfish Lake will be used to strategically create marsh along the northern shoreline. Smooth cordgrass will be planted along the lake shore-face to help stabilize the shoreline and reestablish a healthy lake rim marsh community. Sediments will be hydraulically dredged from Catfish Lake and pumped via pipeline to create approximately 415 acres of marsh habitat and nourish an additional 251 acres of marsh habitat.


The North Catfish Lake Marsh Creation project is located in Region 3, Terrebonne Basin, Lafourche Parish, Northern Shoreline of Catfish Lake.

This project is on Priority Project List (PPL) 22. In 2013, TE-112 was approved for Phase I Engineering and Design.

The North Catfish Lake Marsh Creation project sponsors include:

Keep up with this project and other CWPPRA projects on the project page.


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