Grand Liard Marsh and Ridge Restoration


The Bastion Bay and Grand Liard mapping units were historically structured by a series of north south bayous and associated ridges. Over the preceding decades the majority of these bayou ridges and the marshes flanking them have disappeared. The Grand Liard ridge is the most prominent remaining ridge, and separates the open bays of the Bastian Bay and Grand Liard mapping units. Past land loss projections indicate a loss rate of -3.3%/yr; and also suggest that the remaining bayou bank wetlands would completely convert to open water by 2050 without the project.

The project is intended to restore both structural and habitat functions of Grand Liard Bayou and flanking marshes. The conceptual project design includes the creation of approximately 328 acres of marsh and nourishment of an additional 140 acres of existing marsh. The project concept also includes restoration of a ridge on the east bank of Bayou Grand Liard. Approximately 50% of the created marsh will be planted with smooth cordgrass, and the entire ridge will be planted with appropriate woody vegetation. High marsh species will be planted on the slopes of the ridge. After settlement, the containment dikes will be gapped to encourage establishment of natural marsh hydrology and fisheries-support functions.



The project is located in Region 2, within the Barataria Basin portion of Plaquemines Parish. The project is specifically located within the Bastian Bay and Grand Liard mapping units, near the vicinity of Triumph.

The project was approved for Phase I funding, (Engineering and Design) at the January 2009 Task Force meeting and was selected for Phase II funding (Construction) at the February 2012 Task Force meeting. Construction commenced in July 2014 and was completed in August 2015. Woody vegetation is scheduled for planting in Fall 2017.

This project is on Priority Project List (PPL) 18.

The Grand Liard Marsh and Ridge Restoration project sponsors include:

Keep up with this project and other CWPPRA projects on the project page.


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