Island Road Marsh Creation & Nourishment


The Terrebonne Basin is an abandoned delta complex, characterized by a thick section of unconsolidated sediments that are undergoing dewatering and compaction, contributing to high subsidence, and a network of old distributary ridges extending southward from Houma. Historically, subsidence and numerous oil and gas canals and pipelines in the area have contributed significantly to wetland losses. Since 1932, the Terrebonne Basin has lost approximately 20% of its wetlands. One-third of the Terrebonne Basin’s remaining wetlands are estimated to be lost to open water by the year 2040. There has been a significant reduction in the marsh platform in the vicinity of Island Road (1.60%/year based on USGS data from 1984 to 2011) that has provided some historical wave energy protection. Island Road is the only land access to the Isle of Jean Charles located west of Pointe Aux Chenes which serves unique Native American and minority communities that historically relied on fishing for their livelihood.

The restoration concept provides for the creation and/or nourishment of approximately 383 acres of emergent saline marsh that will form a land bridge along portions of the perimeter of Cutoff Canal, Twin Pipelines Canals, and Island Road.

The proposed project’s primary feature is to create 364 acres and nourish 19 acres of saline marsh. Sediment will be hydraulically pumped from a borrow source near Lake Felicity. Containment dikes will be constructed around the marsh creation area to retain sediment during pumping and will be degraded and/or gapped no later than three years post construction. Half of the newly constructed marsh (182 acres) will be planted following construction to stabilize the platform and reduce time for full vegetation.


The Island Road Marsh Creation & Nourishment project is located in Region 3, Terrebonne Basin, Terrebonne Parish.

This project is on Priority Project List (PPL) 23.

The Island Road Marsh Creation & Nourishment project sponsors include:

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