North Delacroix Marsh Creation and Terracing (BS-41)

NOAA staff gather data to inform project design. 


The project is located in Region 2, Breton Basin, St. Bernard Parish.


Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused the majority of wetland loss in the project site. Wind erosion and saltwater intrusion have resulted in loss of marsh vegetation and wetland soils. Marsh loss has increased exposure of Delacroix to flooding from the east/ southeast. The 1984 to 2019 USGS loss rate is -1.4%/ year for the extended project boundary area.

Restoration Strategy

The project goal is to create and nourish approximately 389 acres of marsh and construct approximately 8,548 linear feet of terraces utilizing a layout to help protect the community of Delacroix.

Sediment would be hydraulically dredged from Lake Lery and placed into two confined disposal areas creating 322 acres of marsh and nourishing 67 acres of existing marsh. Two creation cells allow a channel for drainage. Approximately 8,548 ft of earthen terraces would be constructed. The terraces would be strategically placed east of the northern marsh creation cell and south of the southern cell. Dewatering of the marsh creation cells into areas adjacent to the terraces would take advantage of sediment laden water trapping the particulates to create additional marsh. Terraces would be planted with appropriate bare root plants 2.5 ft apart in one row per side and crown. Created marsh will not be planted.

Containment dikes will be gapped no later than three years after construction. Two additional areas of deteriorating marsh south and east of the proposed project will be investigated. Data acquisition for engineering and design would include an additional
349 acres to allow robustness for these additive or alternate features during Phase I.


The project was approved for Phase I Engineering and Design in January 2020.

This project is listed on Priority Project List 29.

The Federal Sponsor is NOAA NMFS.

The Local Sponsor is CPRA.

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