Agency Spotlight: Robert Dubois, USFWS

Robert is a Senior Field Biologist on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s CWPPRA staff and has worked in USFWS Louisiana Ecological Services Office for the past 20 years.

Q: Describe the part of your job/role that you enjoy the most. 

A: For much of my career, my favorite part of my job was discovering areas along the coast that were in need of some type of help. It was interesting to narrow down the cause and try and propose projects that would hopefully fix the problem or at least deal with the effects that problem caused.  Since CPRA mandated that we use the Master Plans, I had to switch tactics.  Now finding areas of need is not available, but I still enjoy the challenge of forming a project around a need that is in the Master Plan.  In some ways that can be more challenging. 

Q: Describe the part of your job/role that you believe is the most impactful. 

A: I would love to be the one who could bring some needed changes to the CWPPRA program, but that challenge has always seemed to elude me. I think maybe public relations, working one on one with landowners usually centered around one of my project areas. I hope I can show that most government agencies are mostly made up of good people trying to help the public, at least at this level.  We get a bad rap a lot of the time.  

Q: What do you think is the best/easiest way community members can help restore or preserve wetlands? 

A: To be honest, the best way is many times not the easiest, but that being said, maybe just support the people and programs that are willing to improve your property.  Time and again one of the biggest problems we have is obtaining land right signatures. Many times, we spend more than a year or two trying to get signatures to do a project and we almost never get all signatures. Some of the best help we can get is information on getting other signatures or as a landowner being flexible with the project and its goals. 

Q: Is there anything else that you’d like to tell us about yourself or your work in coastal protection and restoration? 

A: I enjoy meeting landowners and enjoy trying to help them with issues concerning their property along the coast. If I can’t help them, sometimes I can at least steer them in the right direction. 

Q: What is your favorite recreational activity to do in the wetlands?

A: My favorite recreational activity in the wetlands is easy, I like to fish and crab with family and friends. A cold beverage never hurts! 

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