Wetland Warrior: Adarelis Diz

Adarelis Diz is an ecologist with the US Geological Survey who has over 16 years of experience in her field.

Q:  What is your job title and affiliation? 

A:   I am an Ecologist with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). I collect monthly hydrological data collection, assist with annual vegetation surveys, and measure sediment elevations annually at a subset of USGS Coastal Reference Monitoring System (CRMS) stations.

Q:  How did you get started in this field and how long have you been doing this type of work? 

A:   I began as an Intern for USGS while in college at the University of Louisiana in 2005.  I started to identify plants and assist with sediment elevation readings. Now, I have 16 years of experience in this field. 

Q:  Describe the part of your job/role that you enjoy the most. 

A:   My favorite part of my job is being outdoors. 

Q: Describe the part of your job/role that you believe is the most impactful.   

A:   I believe the monitoring data collected is crucial in determining a need for coastal restoration projects in a specific area.

Q:  What do you think is the best/easiest way people can help restore or preserve wetlands? 

A:  The best way people can help is by volunteering with local agencies or organizations.  The easiest way people can do their part is by properly disposing of chemicals and waste.

Q: In your opinion why is coastal restoration in Louisiana important? For folks out of state, why is Louisiana’s coastal restoration work important for the nation? 

A:   In my opinion, it is important to preserve and/or restore Louisiana through coastal restoration because the land and water is utilized by both animals and humans for food, survival, etc.  Louisiana is a large supplier of seafood human consumption.  

Across the nation, people benefit from the food, oil, and gas industry in addition to the recreational and agricultural use of the land.   A major part of oil refineries are located in Louisiana which processes millions of barrels of oil for the United States.

Q: What is your favorite recreational activity to do in the wetlands? OR Which wetland inhabitant (bird, fish, plant, etc) do you think best represents you? 

A. I enjoy catching fish, crabs, and shrimp in addition to cooking and eating my catch with friends.  An alligator probably represents me best since I can snap when I’m hangry. 

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