CWPPRA Wetlands Writing Contest

3rd Annual CWPPRA Wetland Writing Contest
The CWPPRA Wetland Writing Contest was established in November 2020 in memory of Jennifer Ritter Guidry, CWPPRA’s Public Outreach Coordinator from 2019-2020. Inspired by Jennifer’s passion for Louisiana’s coastal culture and communities, the CWPPRA Wetlands Writing Contest provides young writers the opportunity to unleash their creativity through sharing their own knowledge and experience of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. This contest combines a few of Jennifer’s passions: Louisiana culture, education, and the community spirit of coastal Louisiana. Jennifer never missed an opportunity to communicate with the public, adventure out into Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, or inspire young minds. She was a true Louisiana advocate and spread her knowledge and experiences whenever she could. It is in her honor and name that CWPPRA is continuing the Wetland Writing Contest.

The CWPPRA Wetland Writing Contest will run through March 10, 2023, in three categories.
Poetry – Any format is acceptable. Poems should not exceed 32 lines.
Personal Narrative – Submissions must be 1,500 words or less.
Short Story – Submissions must be 3,000 words or less.

The contest is for students in K-4 grade, 5-8 grade, and 9-12 grade. Prizes are cash awards: $75 for first place, $50 for second place and $25 for 3rd place. Prizes are awarded in each category and grade bracket. Any language may be used as long as an English translation is provided. Contest is FREE and open to all school-age Louisiana residents. Submissions may be fiction or non-fiction. Participants may submit in each category but are limited to one submission in each category. Participant submissions may be shared via CWPPRA in non-commercial uses only; any other use will require approval from the participant. Submissions must be original work by an individual student. Collaborative work is not allowed. All submissions must include an adult sponsor (parent, teacher, mentor) and contact information including mailing address and phone number. All participants must submit their work using google forms via the button below if possible. Please email if you need additional help or attach your submission in the email with grade bracket and category information.

All submissions must contain or highlight Louisiana’s wetlands. Here are a few prompts to consider.
1 – Exploring the marshes, bayous and Gulf Coast of Louisiana is always an adventure! Share a story -a personal experience or fictional account-in the coastal wetlands of Louisiana.
2 – Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are vibrant habitat for plants and wildlife. What native flora and fauna is/are your favorite and why?
3 – The natural beauty and strong communities of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands evoke many feelings. How do you feel when you think about these areas and their people?

If you have any questions, please email Lauren Leonpacher at