Freshwater Bayou Marsh Creation


This area was damaged by Hurricanes Rita, Gustav, and Ike. Currently, Freshwater Bayou threatens to breach into the large interior open water and establish a hydrologic connection that previously did not exist. This would exacerbate the environmental problems affecting marshes in this area. Additionally, interior marsh loss has increased and organic soils are being exported into Freshwater Bayou. Interior marsh loss will increase without construction of the proposed project.

The project goals include: 1) creating/nourishing marsh and associated edge habitat for aquatic species through pipeline sediment delivery via dedicated dredging from the Gulf of Mexico or beneficial use of maintenance dredging from the Freshwater Bayou Canal; 2) restoring a wetland buffer between the large open water areas in the Mermentau Basin and Freshwater Bayou. Project features include creating and/or nourishing approximately 401 acres of marsh using dredge material.


The project features are located in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana in an area west of Freshwater Bayou and north of the Freshwater Bayou Locks.

This project is on Priority Project List (PPL) 19. 

The Freshwater Bayou Marsh Creation project sponsors include:

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World Oceans Day

Why are oceans important?

Oceans are the blood of the planet- critical to the survival of life on Earth. Not only are oceans a home to a vast assortment of wildlife, they create a livable environment for land-bearing organisms like humans.

Oceans cover three quarters of the planet, produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, and in return absorb the most carbon. Ocean-based businesses contribute more than $500 billion to the world’s economy and approximately half of the world’s population resides in the coastal zone. Oceans supply food, transportation, jobs, products that aid in keeping you warm, safe, informed, and entertained.

Regardless of the distance between you and an ocean, your life is still highly affected by the health of Earth’s oceans. Celebrate World Ocean Day by adopting the practice of appreciating our oceans, keeping our oceans clean, and caring for the oceans that give so much to us in return.

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