Bayou Sale Shoreline Protection (TV-20)

A foreshore rock dike, such as the one shown above, may provide an alternative type of shoreline protection to the eastern shoreline of East Cote Blanche Bay.


The project is located along the eastern shoreline of East Cote Blanche Bay, from British-American Canal to the mouth of Bayou Sale, in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana.


Shoreline erosion at an estimated rate of 13.5 feet per year is being caused by the open water fetch and resulting wave energy from East Cote Blanche Bay. The retreating shoreline has resulted in a substantial loss of live oak forest, emergent wetlands, and critical habitat used by a multitude of fish and wildlife species, including the endangered Louisiana black bear.

Restoration Strategy

The goal of this project is to reduce or, if possible, reverse shoreline erosion and create marsh between the breakwater and existing shoreline. Project plans include construction of 35,776 linear feet of foreshore rock dike parallel to and approximately 150 feet out from the existing eastern shoreline of East Cote Blanche Bay. The rock dike will be tied into the banks of all substantial channels. Smaller channels and sloughs will have provisions for adequate drainage and aquatic organism access via openings through the dredge material and gaps in the dike. It is anticipated that approximately 123 acres of marsh will be created with the fill material from the dredging of an access channel to accommodate construction equipment.


Progress to Date

The Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force approved the engineering and design phase of this project in January 2004. Planning is ongoing.

The project is on Priority Project List (PPL) 13.

The Federal Sponsor is Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The Local Sponsor is CPRA.

Approved Date: 2004
Project Area: 370 acres
Approved Funds: $1.85 M
Total Est. Cost: $1.85 M
Net Benefit After 20 Years: 329 acres
Status: Deauthorized
Project Type: Shoreline Protection