May: American Wetlands Month

The month of May is declared as American Wetlands Month; a full month to encourage communities and individuals to become involved in the planning, protection, and restoration of our wetlands.

  • What are wetlands?
    Wetlands can be briefly summarized as frequently saturated, highly productive, vital ecosystems.
  • What are some types of wetlands?
    Various forms of wetlands include marshes, estuaries, mudflats, barrier islands, mires, ponds, fends, swamps, deltas, coral reefs, lagoons, shallow seas, bogs, lakes, and floodplains.
  • Why are wetlands important?
    Not only do wetlands act as a natural buffer for sediment entrapment and clean water, they also decrease storm impact, house an immense variety of species, and contribute a great deal of beneficial natural resources to America’s economy.

Dedicate some time during American Wetlands Month to learn about the advantages of wetlands and ways to protect yours!



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