Barataria Bay Rim Marsh Creation


Historic wetland loss in the area occurs in the form of interior marsh loss and shoreline erosion along Barataria Bay. The interior loss is caused by subsidence, sediment deprivation, and construction of access and pipeline canals.

The proposed project would create approximately 251 acres and nourish approximately 266 acres of marsh using sediment dredged material from Barataria Bay. The majority of the dredged material would be fully contained. For creation of approximately  15 acres of marsh and nourishment of 34 acres in the eastern portion of the project, the dredged material would be semi-contained. Containment dikes will be degraded as necessary to reestablish hydrologic connectivity with adjacent wetlands. In case the area does no re-vegetate on its own, the maintenance cost estimate will include funds to plant 25% of the created marsh at Year 3.


BA-195 is located in Region 2, Barataria Basin, Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes.

This project is on Priority Project List (PPL) 25 and was approved for Phase I Engineering and Design in January 2016.

Barataria Bay Rim Marsh Creation project sponsors include:

Keep up with this project and other CWPPRA projects on the project page.




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